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Online Admission

I had completed Graduation in 2015, when decided to study LLB. My elder brother is also an L.L.B. He practices in Lucknow, High Court. He always inspired me to be an Advocate. His lavish life-style always tempted me to go for the LLB. After graduation in 2015 I went to many colleges for admission no College could give me the opportunity to study L.L.B. I spent 2015 and 2016 without studying L.L.B.

I was worried that how will get admission in LLB. I met many friends and acquaintances but no could resolve my issue.

There are many colleges of LLB in Lucknow. I visited many of them but unfortunately nowhere I could get admission. I went to Allahabad too for admission in LLB. There too I could no get admission. I appeared in many admission tests of different colleges but the result was not positive.

There are different quotas in the colleges that were the main hindrance and I was not getting admission anywhere. I am a general category student. My father is a Govt. High School, teacher. We live in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.

I know some private colleges in Delhi, Ghaziabad and surrounding area but they are very expansive. There a candidate like me cannot get admission. Correspondence courses are provided by few colleges but my Advocate friends suggested do not go for correspondence course.

I asked my Advocate friends then, what was the way to get admission in LLB?

They said keep trying one day you will get success. They said people have been waiting for more than five years. Many successful lawyers got admission even after 5 to 6 years.

I just kept listening, the different processes of admission into LLB.

I thought one day God will listen to me and I will be enrolled in the LLB course.

My home is in a village of Barabanki. I had appeared in many admission tests. No one college had selected me in the admission test.

One day when I was sitting at the door of my house in the Village, my grand-mother called my name,”Arun beta, Arun bet…”.

I heard the voice and went to the bed of my grand- mother.

I saw she holding a letter in her hand.  As she, was sick, so most of the times kept resting on the bed. I took the letter from her hand.

That was a letter for admission in LLB. But the issue was that the last date was same date when I had received the letter. The letter was somewhere in the house and I could not receive that.

I recalled God for help. I had lost two years 2015 and 2016. In the current year 2017 I was desperately looking for admission. I thought nothing is impossible for God. I called the number printed on the envelope. The admission clerk received the call and said that the admission time was only up to 5.30 pm that day. I was shocked, I remembered and called many of my friends but there was not resolution.

God really helped me, that night when I was surfing the net I saw a portal, called;

I contacted them, sent my documents via e-mail and within 2 days of time I got the admission confirmed. I have got admission in one of the best colleges of Allabahad.

Now I think God helped me only the media was

However I thank so much, the

Sunil Singh

Barabanki, Uttar-Pradesh, India

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